Blue checkmarks are meaningless because Twitter is awarding gold and gray checkmarks. Soon, in my opinion, a different colored checkmark will be awarded…

November 2022

If you’re staying on Twitter, I will be there. If you are leaving, please connect with me on Tribel Social and Counter Social.

September 2022

Remember all the Supreme Court justice nominees who promised they would not overturn Roe v. Wade? Then, they did it anyway. Do you trust Mitch…

July 2022

Trump rioters were reportedly incited by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni Thomas.
Was Graham interfering in our 2020 election at the behest of Donald Trump?
Why did Senator Tuberville initially lie about being at the Trump International Hotel on January 5, 2021, just one day before the January 6…
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June 2022

Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, reportedly coordinated with Donald Trump lawyer John Eastman in a pressure campaign to throw out…
Did Alexander flip on Roger Stone? How about Rep. Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar?
Federal agents reportedly searched the home of Jeffrey Clark, a former Trump Justice Department official, who infamously pushed the Big Lie.
What was Ron Johnson’s involvement in the fake Trump elector scheme? DOJ serves more subpoenas, as probes continue.
Roger Stone has still not been indicted for his alleged role in the January 6 attack on America’s Capitol.