Deutsche bank, IRS, Al Capone & Trump Taxes!

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Updated 12/11/21


On Monday, Deutsche Bank announced it was cutting ties with Donald Trump.

Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s also being investigated for tax evasion and fraud by the state of New York.

Several months ago The New York Times disclosed that Trump had paid a mere $750 in federal income taxes the year he became president.

During his first year in office, Trump again paid $750 — there is something wrong with this number. That’s under $1000 dollars for a self-proclaimed billionaire for an entire year!

It has also been reported that Trump may have committed multi-million dollars in tax fraud by failing to declare $287 million in forgiven debt to the IRS.

Trump’s primary lender was Deutsche Bank. Now, Deutsche Bank has announced that their relationship with Trump is over.

Fun Fact: Justice Kennedy's son Justin was heavily involved in Trump's shady dealings with Deutsche Bank.

DA Cyrus Vance has Trump’s tax records and Deutsche bank records. He may be waiting to indict Trump for fraud once Trump leaves office.

Worse still the New York Times reports that Trump paid no — as in zero — income taxes during the last 10 out of the past 15 years. Read the original New York Times article here: New York Times Trump

Meanwhile, Trump allegedly owes more than $400 million in loans that are coming due in the next four years.

No Pardon For State Crimes

Tax evasion and tax fraud are both a federal and state crimes. Trump can’t pardon himself for state crimes.

If Trump wants to stay out of jail, he’s going to have to negotiate deals with Governor Mario Cuomo and Mike Pence.

Many people are saying that Trump could possibly be facing financial ruin after he incited a mob to attack the capital.

Trump’s actions irrevocably damaged his brand.

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