Social Distancing Causing Loneliness Crisis For Many Americans!

By Alistair McQueen **Please Subscribe and Share


As citizens of the United States of America, Covid-19's effects on our daily lives these last three months has been taxing.  However, the topic of this discussion won’t be focusing on the economic toll it has had, nor will it focus on the health toll it has had, despite how devastating they have been.  Instead, this discussion will focus on an often overlooked toll Covid-19 has had on our daily lives, and that is of our mental health.

Many of us have quarantined ourselves into a state of total isolation in order to help prevent the growth of Covid-19, at the cost of much-needed social connection.  Humans are a social animal, and have evolved to work together and connect with those around us in order to survive.  For many, the abrupt shift from social connectivity to social distancing has had a powerful whiplash effect, where they are forced to do a complete 180 from one extreme to the other.  

Another factor that has damaged the mental health of many in the U.S. is the growing financial burden being placed on them.  With only $1,200 given to them by the government in the last three months, and with many states dragging their feet and leaving several tax-payers without their unemployment benefits, it’s no wonder people are feeling a sense of impending doom as they see themselves sinking further and further into a financial hole.  

They are encouraged to isolate themselves for the greater good, but are also punished for their altruism by corporations that refuse to give financial breaks to loyal customers in times of need, and a government that refuses to give back more than a pittance to the ones who have been keeping it afloat with their hard-earned tax money.  

The situation is discouraging for many, and they are right to feel that way.  Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and with new leadership in sight, that light is getting closer and closer with each passing day.  We will stand together after this is all over, and we will rebuild what was lost.