Sitemap - 2021 - The Sizzle Report

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Ali Alexander Flipped: Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks & Roger Stone

Hot Tea on why Steve Bannon and Roger Stone Despise Each Other

InfoWars Lieutenant Owen Shroyer in Custody and Charged in Capitol Attack

Trump, Treason, Hannity, and the Taliban

Connecting the Dots: Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson and Anton Lazzaro

Protect the USPS by Firing DeJoy

Should Kavanaugh Remain on the Supreme Court?

Can You Help Find 5-Year-Old Summer Wells?

VP Harris Tested Negative for COVID

Quid Pro Mo: Did Mo Brooks Buy a Trump Endorsement?

Ken Starr Helped Jeffrey Epstein and Brett Kavanaugh

Why Was Michael Flynn Meeting Roger Stone at the Willard Hotel One Day Before the Capitol Attack?

Trump Considered Pardoning Ghislaine Maxwell

Why Were Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone at the Willard Hotel on Insurrection Day?

Did Roger Stone Incited Trump Supporters to Attack the Capitol?

Trump Organization Facing 15 Indictments, Weisselberg Charged!

We Four Schemed: Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Ali Alexander

Bill Barr Admits Trump's Election Fraud Claims Were Lies

Why is Trump Allowed to Hold Rallies in America After Jan. 6?

With Trump Organization Facing Criminal Charges, Will Trump Family Members be Next?

Are the Rats Fleeing Trump’s Sinking Ship?

Who Do Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Think They’re Fooling?

Sinema and Manchin are Feeling the Heat

Prosecutors Focused on Calamari & Weisselberg

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She's Sorry for Comparing Mask Mandate to Holocaust

Healthcare Workers Fighting for Safer Working Conditions

Was Rosenstein the Architect of Trump's "No Obstruction" Message?

Was James Comey America's Hero?

QAnon Sells Racism, Misogyny and Anti-Semitism

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an Embarrassment to Women

Dark Money, Voting Rights Protections, Manchin and Sinema

Is Mo Brooks Blaming Trump for his Capitol Riot Speech?

Mo Brooks Hides From Capitol Attack Lawsuit After Being Accused by Ali Alexander

Don Junior Is Doing Cameo Videos For Cash

Why is DeJoy Still Postmaster General?

Does the Criminal Probe into Trump Involve Tax Evasion?

When Alan Dershowitz is on Your Side, You’ve Done Something Awful

It's Long Past Time for America to FIRE DeJoy

Lindsey Graham Deserves to be Expelled

Reality Winner Has Been Trump’s Political Prisoner

Biden Smacks Down Russian Hackers as Putin Misses His Puppet

Cheney Eyes the White House as Putin-backed Hackers Attack Pipelines

America Begs for Clemency for Reality Leigh Winner

Editorial Note

"Stop the Steal" Organizer Connected to Ted Cruz and Trump

It’s Time to Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Are Trump Lawyers Using Misogyny and Racism To Defend The Indefensible?

Here Is How Biden Can Fire DeJoy

Roger Stone May Be Headed Back To Jail

Meet Ice Whistleblower Dawn Wooten

Should The Wife Of A Supreme Court Justice Have Been Promoting The Big Lie?

Does Marjorie Taylor Greene Need To Be Expelled?

Is Lindsey Graham Compromised?

Polling Shows Majority Of Americans Favor Trump's Impeachment

Kamala Harris Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Lauren Boebert, Barry Loudermilk, 1776, and Capitol Tours

Lord Of The Lies—Impeached Again

SHOCKING: Were Trump Terrorists Given A Tour Of The Capitol Prior To Their Attack?

Ali Alexander Implicates Reps. Briggs, Brooks and Gosar In Capitol Attack

Deutsche bank, IRS, Al Capone & Trump Taxes!

Did Clarence Thomas’ Wife Egg On Capitol Rioters?

America Survived A Terrorist Attack Orchestrated By Trump

Right Matters & Truth Matters--Pence Must Remove Trump NOW!

Iraq Joins Iran To Issue Their Own Arrest Warrant For Trump

Georgia, It's Time To Get Into Good Trouble!

Don't Be A MaskHole -- Wear Your Damn Mask!

Ted Cruz Will Be Forever Known As Ted Coup!

EXPOSED: Trump Caught On Tape Committing A Felony!