Sitemap - 2020 - The Sizzle Report

Here’s The Tea On Why Trump Hates McConnell!

Now More Contagious COVID19 Strain In US

Are Pelosi & Trump Working To Remove McConnell From His Throne?

SNEAKY: DeJoy’s Straw Donor Scheme May Land Him In Jail!

Trump Enabler DeJoy Needs To Be Fired!

Trump Burning Down Corrupt GOP On His Way Out!

Nancy Pelosi & The House Passed $2000 Stimulus Checks—What Do You Say McConnell?

Americans Willing To Pay To Watch Trump Forcibly Dragged From White House!

Why Do Ken Starr & Alan Dershowitz Choose To Defend Men Who Abuse Women?

Reality Winner Deserves A Pardon!

Sedition Has Consequences: Pelosi Should Refuse To Seat ALL 126 GOP Traitors!

Judge Sullivan Dismisses Flynn Case While Reality Winner Remains In Prison!

Mr. Scrooge: McConnell's Legacy Will Be Starving Families During The Covid19 Pandemic!

The Real Reason Barr Announced His Appointment Of Durham Today

Hey Trump, Your AG Says There Is No Election Fraud!

Fire Mitch McConnell As Senate Majority Leader--Elect Ossoff & Warnock!

Yes Eric—Your Dad’s Only Path To 270 Is Diet & Exercise!

Flynn Pardon, 5th Amendment & Judge Sullivan!

America Must Prosecute Trump Enablers Or They Will Try It Again!

You Did It, Resisters—GSA Emily Murphy Caved Signing Transition Papers!

Trump and Graham Deserve To Be Held Accountable!

Don Jr. Tests Positive For COVID19!

FRAUD: Why Isn’t Lindsey Graham Being Investigated For Trying To Get Georgia Ballots Thrown Out?

SNEAKY: Perdue and Loeffler Don't Want Georgia Votes Counted?!

Will Trump Be Dragged From The White House Or Just Leave?

Perdue and Loeffler Have Failed Our Doctors and Nurses--Elect Ossoff and Warnock For Georgia!

Fire Mitch & Save America!

Fire Mitch McConnell—Help Ossoff & Warnock Win In Georgia!

EXPOSED: Trump, DeJoy, Barr & McConnell!

WINNING: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Did It!

Biden and Harris Take The Lead In Georgia!

GEORGIA: Double Run-Off For Ossoff and Warnock While Biden Gains On Trump!

North Carolina's Senator Tillis Took Dirty DeJoy Money!

Checkmate, Trump!

Here’s How We Defeat DeJoy & Trump Voter Suppression!

Lindsey Graham Mansplains “Follow Traditional Family Structure” To Women!

Hang In There: Joe Biden Is Coming!

Trump & Barr Lose Again!

Trump Meltdown Begins As Republicans Eat Their Own!

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Connections To Trump & Epstein!

Lindsey Graham Dodging Debate As Jaime Harrison Surges In Polls!

Trump's Poor Handling Of COVID19 Has Left Millions Of Seniors Trapped In Their Homes!

Trump Floats Idea Of Leaving America If He Loses!

Predator President, Secrets & Lies!

Hunter Biden Chaired World Food Program That Wins Nobel Peace Prize vs Eric Trump Deposed In Fraud Investigation!

Lindsey Graham Declares Black People Can Go Anywhere In South Carolina If They Are Conservative--Vote For Jaime Harrison!

EXPOSED: DeJoy Donated Nearly $700,000 To RNC Before Taking Office!

BREAKING: Pelosi Citing 25th Amendment Creating "Commission On Presidential Capacity"

Pelosi Hints 25th Amendment After Trump Insists Barr Go After Obama & Biden!

Meet Kamala Harris: The First of Her Name, Queen Of Debate & Breaker Of Glass Ceilings!

Fauci Exposes Trump Lies & States 400,000 Americans May Die Of Covid!

BIGGEST BLUNDER: Trump's Halted Stimulus Relief Talks Harming Millions!

EXPOSED: Eric Trump Is Deposed!

Trump Carelessly Spread Covid To Hundreds And Still Won't Mandate Masks!

Hope Hicks Tests Positive For Covid After She Attended The Debate Without A Mask!

Biden Exposes Trump: "You Are The Worst President Ever!"

No More Debates: This Is Not A Normal Election, So Biden Can Stop Following Norms!

Biden Wins Debate While Trump Begs White Supremacists To Save Him From Jail!

Tuesday Sept. 29th Presidential Debate: Here's How To Watch Biden vs Trump!

Should Trump's Potential Tax Fraud Invalidate His Supreme Court Nominations?

Deutsche bank, IRS, Al Capone & Trump Taxes!

Does Trump Have A Serious Medical Issue Or Does He Have A Drug Problem?

James Carville Predicts Win For Biden!

Will Trump Go To Prison If He Loses Or Will He Sneak Out Of America?

When Trump Loses, He Will Be Dragged From The White House!

Bloomberg Could Deliver Florida & Texas To Biden--Removing Trump's Electoral College Path!

Breaking: No Election Day Delay for Deposition of Eric Trump!

Bloomberg Raises Millions To Pay Court Fines For Black And Latino Voters So They Can Vote!

Judge Sullivan Orders USPS To Deliver EVERY Ballot!

Trump & McConnell Make Time To Fill SCOTUS Seat, But Refuse To Pass Stimulus Relief For Folks!

Trump Pretends He Can Cancel America's Elections And Gives Something Away In The Process!

Lindsey Graham Refused To Pass Stimulus Funds--It's Time To Fire Lindsey!

Which GOP Senators Knew DeJoy & Trump Were Using USPS To Rig Our Election?

Trump Will Continue His Corruption Until Bill Barr is disbarred, impeached, arrested & convicted!

Meet ICE Whistle Blower & American Hero: Nurse Dawn Wooten!

Jaime Harrison Is Taking Down Gutless Lindsey Graham!

Did ICE Perform Mass Hysterectomies To Protect From Guards From “Living Proof" Of Rape?

Bloomberg Puts Up $100 Million To Back Biden's Strong Plan To Heal America!

QAnon Is A Russian Intelligence Operation Designed To Destroy America

AG Barr & Trump Failed Bigly In Flynn Case!

Trump Is Going Down--Here Is How We Finish Him Off!

Bootlicker Susan Collins Thinks Trump Should Be Let Off With An Apology!

Trump Lied About COVID and Americans are Dying

Cunningham Will Protect Social Security!

BREAKING: House Sub-Committee Requests "Secret Communications" Between DeJoy & Trump Campaign!

Trump Press Conference Ends In MeltDown About The Pentagon!

SNEAKY: DeJoy Will Be Indicted & Even Trump Can’t Save Him!

Poor Bill Barr Caught Lying For Trump—AGAIN!

Trump Failed Our Nurses, Paramedics & Healthcare Workers!

Lindsey Graham Refused To Provide You With Stimulus Relief During Covid19!

EXPOSED: Susan Collins Pushed & Voted For Policies To Benefit Her Husband's Lobbying Business!

Biden Presents His Strong Plan To Unite Americans, While Trump Lies About His Stroke!

Biden Takes Powerful Action In Pittsburgh As Trump Flails!

Trump & Barr Lost Bigly Leaving Flynn One Step Closer To Prison!

Lordy There Are Tapes: Melania Trump's Friend Spills Tea And Brings Receipts On Trump Family Feud!

Should Trump Be Indicted For Lying To Americans About Coronavirus?

Like Father, Like Son--Eric Trump Is Complaining About Being Investigated In The Land Of Opportunity!

QAnon Is Putin Propaganda And Americans Aren't Falling For It In 2020!

Eric Trump Is Taking the Fifth Amendment

Is David Pecker —Who Conducted “Catch and Kill” For Trump— About To Be Indicted?

Steve Bannon Arrested In “We Build The Wall” Scam!

This Is How We Get Rid Of The Mad King!

Why Were Epstein & Maxwell Recruiting Minors At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago?

Rubio Report Says Trump Colluded!

Democratic Convention Speakers, Ways You Can Get Involved And How To Watch It!

SHOCKING: AG Barr Buried Senate Investigation Into Trump Jr, Kushner & Hope Hicks?

SHOCKING: Despite Barr's Efforts Michael Cohen's New Book "Disloyal" Reveals Trump Took Golden Pee Showers!

Trump Admits On Fox That He Opposes Funding USPS So He Can Slow Down Mail-In Voting--Here Is How We Overcome Trump's Cheating!

Why The Michael Flynn Case Must Be Investigated By Adam Schiff When Biden Beats Trump!

Joe Biden Selects Kamala Harris As His VP & She Could Make History!

Will Collins, McConnell & Graham Head For 3 Day Weekend Without Passing Stimulus Relief?

#PedoTrump: Does Ghislaine Maxwell Have Epstein Dirt On Trump?

Terrible News For Trump As Manhattan DA Fights For His Tax Returns!

Judge Ester Salas Makes An Emotional Plea After Her Son's Murder By "Anti-feminist" Shooter!

Sneaky Susan Collins Caught Airing an Ad From Political Ally Pretending To Be An Ordinary Fisherman!

SHOCKING: Newly Released Epstein Maxwell Court Documents Reveal Second Victim Alleges Being Molested By Dershowitz!

The Utterly Deranged Malignant Narcissist Clown Wonders Why No One Likes Him?

Harris & Biden Slam Trump's Refusal To Address Putin-backed Bounties Placed On U.S. Troops!

Democrats Nail Arrogant AG Barr!

Trump Is In A Death Spiral & When Biden Wins There Will Be Hell Toupee!

Does Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Have a Secret Deal With Trump?

Did Trump Have a Stroke?

Trump Wants To Cancel The Election, Cancels RNC Convention But Demands Your Child To Return To School?

Documents Being Unsealed Regarding Trump Epstein Attorney Alan Dershowitz!

Joe Biden Has Narrowed His List Of Potential Running Mates!

Senators Like Ted Cruz Argue While Americans Stress About Housing and Buying Food!

Michael Cohen Wins Case Against AG Barr As Judge Rules His First Amendment Rights Were Violated!

Shooting Of Judge Salas’ Husband & Son Not Related To Epstein Deutsche Bank Case

McConnell, Graham & Collins Enjoy 2 Week Vacation While Folks Struggle To Put Food On The Table!

Barr Denies Trump's Gestapo Abuse Power In Portland!

Protect Others And Wear A Damn Mask!

Pat Robertson and QAnon

Anti-Maskers Filming Themselves Screaming At Workers In Public Should Be Jailed For Battery!

Mary Trump Drags Ivanka With Receipts!

Twitter Security Hacked & Accounts Belonging To Obama, Biden, Gates, Kanye, Bloomberg Compromised!

Mitch McConnell Went On Vacation Without Voting On the "Heroes Act" Adding Stress To Working Folks!

Trump On Ghislaine Maxwell: I Wish Her Well!?!

Remember When Obama & Biden Got America On Track After The Great Recession? Joe Biden Steps Up Again With A Plan To Heal America!

Why Americans Won't Be Crying For Bill Barr!

Trump Is Losing Bigly -- Even Putin Can't Save Him This Time!

Was Michael Cohen Forced Back To Prison Because He Refused To Stop Writing His Tell-all Book About Trump?

Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence!

Mayor Gets Sued By Texas GOP After He Cancels Their Convention Due To Coronavirus Safety Issues!

Supreme Court Decides Americans Won't See Trump Taxes But Trump's Fortune Could Be In Jeopardy!

Was The Maxwell Epstein Case Behind Barr's Oust Of Berman?

American Hero Vindman Bullied Into Retirement By Draft Dodger Trump!

Susan Collins Challenged by Sara Gideon

If Trump Refuses To Leave, He Will Be Dragged From The White House

Mary Trump Moves Up Book Release To Expose Donald Trump!

Supreme Court Rules States Can Demand Electoral College Follow The Popular Vote!

Coronavirus Vaccine May Be Ready By December 2020!

How Americans Will Overcome Trump & Barr Election Cheating!

Sex-trafficking, Lies, Videotape and Dershowitz

Mary Trump Wins Court Battle, Reveals Tea on Donald Trump & Brings Receipts

Coronavirus Vaccine Is Nearing Final Phase Of Trials!

Biden Concerned Trump Will Steal The Election!

Did Trump & Barr Fire Berman To Get Control Of The Maxwell Epstein Case?

Shocking: Hundreds of Former Bush Officials Launch Pro-Biden Super PAC!

Comrade Trump: All Roads Lead To Putin!

Coronavirus Is Bankrupting Americans As The Republican-led Senate Does NOTHING!

Follow The Money: Proof Of Putin-Backed Bounties & Trump Caught Lying!

Worried Trump Had His Brother Temporarily Block Mary Trump’s Book!

Putin’s Bounty On U.S. Troops

The Real Reason Iran Issued An Arrest Warrant For Trump!

Is Lindsey Graham Compromised Or Just Awful?

Coronavirus Is Having A Mental Health Impact On Everyone--Especially Seniors!

Fox Business News Senior Correspondent Describes Trump’s Psyche As “Fragile”!

Biden Thumps Trump Over White Power Tweet As Trump Tries To Distract From #TraitorTrump Hashtag!

Trump Directed The Removal Of Social Distancing Stickers Designed To Protect Rally Attendees!

Wonder Who Helped Beat Trump? Meet the #Resistance!

Trump Exposed For Failing To Protect Troops From Putin's Bounty!

Dershowitz Ties To Epstein: Filthy Rich Or Just Filthy?

Trump’s Lawsuit To Stop Mary Trump’s Tell-all Book Failed!

Social Distancing Causing Loneliness Crisis For Many Americans!

Dozens Of Secret Service Quarantined After Trump's Tulsa Rally!

SHOCKING: Judge Sullivan Seeks Rehearing In Flynn Case!

Schiff Says Trump Facing Jail & Takes Aim at John Bolton!

Trump Whining That Mary Trump's Is Not Allowed To Write A Book!

Trump's Admitted A Dirty Little Secret At His Tulsa Rally!

Trump’s Racist Rally Was An Epic Fail For Him!

Trump Loses Bigly Court Ruling & Has Bizarre Meltdown About Bolton!

Trump’s Lawyer Begs For Bolton To “Claw Back” His Book!

More Bad News For Trump as Biden Thumps Him In Fox News Poll!

Is Susan Collins Clutching Her Pearls About Kavanaugh's Decision To Vote Against LGBTQ Protections?

Bolton's Book Devastating To Trump!

Trump and Barr File Lawsuit To Block Bolton’s Book!

Who Will Be Joe Biden’s VP Choice?

Mary Trump To Spill Tea On Trump In Tell-All Book & She’s Got Receipts!

Is Trump Hiding His Medical Issues?

Unlike Trump, Biden Has A Plan To Rid America Of COVID-19!

Trump is met with deafening silence when mentioning his birthday at West Point graduation!

Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Predicts Trump Will Lose To Biden!

Judge Gleeson Destroys Barr’s Handling Of Michael Flynn Case!

Why Is Jim Jordan So Focused On Sucking Up To Police?

Trump Has A Meltdown & Attacks An Elderly Protestor!

Biden Is Beating Trump So Trump Hires D Rated Pollsters To Lie For Him!

Why Have Epstein Prosecutors Focused On Prince Andrew and Not On Trump?

Susan Collins Clutches Pearls, Furrows Her Brow and Is Very Concerned About Trump Gassing His Own People!

10 Buses Of Troops Descend On D.C. Residents As Esper Cowers From Trump!

Let’s Help Joe Biden Thump Trump!

Thou Shalt Not Trespass: Trump Denounced For Trespassing On Church Property!

NY AG James Wins Lawsuit Against Trump!

Trump Tries To Illegally Declare Martial Law!

Anonymous Exposing Trump Epstein Connections

Is Trump Encouraging Racist Violence To Save His Failing Reelection Campaign?

Michelle Obama Calls On All Americans To Root Out Racism!

Americans Gather To Peacefully Protest The Death Of George Floyd While Trump Stokes Racism!

Rush Limbaugh Takes A Swing At Morning Joe & Hits Trump Instead!

Meet Kelly Loeffler: Entitled, Rich and Coronavirus Profiteer!

Twitter Places Warning Over Trump’s Lying Posts!

Is Trump Using Morning Joe & Heartbroken Family To Distract From His Coronavirus Failings?

Stephen King Slams Susan Collins!

Trump Worries As Loeffler Circles The Drain!

Democratic Underdog Jaime Harrison May Beat Lindsey Graham!

Kelly Loeffler’s Husband Suddenly Makes A Huge Donation To Pro-Trump Super PAC?

Trump Has Failed Our Nurses!

Mika Claps Back At Trump Demanding He Be Banned From Twitter!

To Catch A Predator: Trump & Epstein Mar-a-Lago Connections!

Eric Trump Proves You Can’t Fix Stupid!

Justin Amash Ends His Bid for the White House!

Trump Rage Tweets About The Resistance & Demands Control of Social Media!

How To Get Out The Vote While Protecting Your Health!

Mitch McConnell Is Out Of Touch With Regular Folks!

Who Will Joe Biden Select As His VP?

Flynn Lawyers Ask Appeals Court To Force Judge Sullivan To Grant Dismissal!

House Democrats Offer "Heroes Act" Relief Package Providing up to $6000 per Household!

Needless Suffering and Death— Dr. Fauci To Testify!

Mitch McConnell Takes A Swing Obama & Hits Trump Instead!

Ask China - Trump Stomp’s Out Of His Own Rose Garden Press Conference!

Corruption Doesn't Fall Far From Bill Barr's Family Tree?

Long Time Donor Dumps Lindsey Graham For Jaime Harrison In SC!

My Unpopular Opinions On How To Beat Trump!

Why Open Your Gym, But Not Your Bank?

Election Interference Sparks Rise Of The Resistance!

Senator Mark Kelly Has “The Right Stuff" & Was Sworn Into The Senate!

Pelosi Focused On Getting More Money To Americans & Providing Oversight For Trump!

Graham Defends South Carolina Paying For Trump's Vanity Wall--Challenger Harrison says no!

Susan Collins Is Very Concerned...About Sara Gideon!

Grassroots Democrats Use Social Media Activism To Fight Against Russian Troll Bots!

Trump Is Losing Bigly & 2020 Is Getting Ugly!

Gun-Toting White Men Storm Michigan's State House!

GOP Richard Burr Steps Down as Senate Intel Chair, but Kelly Loeffler Profited From Coronavirus Briefing Too?

Trump Angry About "Noble" Prize!

Harrison Sending Lindsey Graham Packing?

Women For Biden

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